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Miami Alternative

Miami Alternative is a limited podcast series that emerges from a collaboration between Alafia Creative Entertainment and Artistnator. The interviews are born from the research of Dr. Eva Silot, founder of Alafia Creative Entertainment, and seek to present the vision of artists in Miami and their relationship with the culture and environment that surrounds them.

Episode 3 of the limited podcast series Miami Alternativo presents a very informative interview with local music sensation DJ Le Spam-Andrew Yeomanson-, Founder and Director of the Spam Allstars. We had the chance to talk with him in a very relaxed vibe at his studio-house in North Miami, from his beginnings as a record music collector, his encounters with African, Caribbean and Afro-Cuban music throughout his living in different parts of the world, and his music career in Miami which converted him, without much expectation, into an acclaimed DJ, Director and Producer with Spam Allstars.



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